About Us

Here at Mountain Sense we pride ourselves as one of the UK’s leading providers of high quality Mountain Training courses.
Based in Keswick, the heart of the English Lake District, we have on our door step some of the finest mountain terrain and wilderness landscapes in the UK and indeed the world!
Our number one aim is to deliver the best mountain courses that inspire and give you confidence, skill and of course, Mountain Sense.

The ability to look after a group whilst negotiating a section of steep ground during a mountain walk requires lots of practice, experience, good judgment and confidence. A Mountain Leader must be equipped with a range of skills and strategies to lead a group safely and efficiently. If the leader does not feel comfortable personally, on a particular section, it is best to go elsewhere.

The Lake District, and in particular the Borrowdale area of the Central Fells, is an outstanding location for Mountain Leader courses. In addition to being widely recognised as one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in Britain, the area is filled with venues that perfectly meet the needs of Mountain Leader syllabus.

A Mountain Leader who is able to navigate with accuracy, efficiency and confidence in all conditions will have spent many hours map reading in complex terrain, poor visibility and adverse weather. Finding a target efficiently is an essential skill for a Mountain Leader especially when, for example, leading a cold, wet, tired group who need to get back at their tents quickly to prevent hypothermia or exhaustion setting in. A sound strategy based on careful planning and your experience is the key to success.

"To inspire, enthuse, educate and engage." This sums up the duty that all good Mountain Leaders have to their clients and groups in providing a rich and fulfilling experience. Time spent with a Mountain Leader should benefit from a knowledgeable interpretation of the landscape, whether these are the genteel landscapes of the leafy lowlands or the rugged, wild landscapes of hill and mountain. Whether our clients and groups are engaged in a guided walk or a course of technical instruction, a good Mountain Leader will always have opportunities to draw upon the beauty, interest and fragility of the landscape to bring interest and colour to our time outdoors.


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